Osteopathy and pregnancy

Osteopaat Colette Peeters IAO info zwangerschap

Discover how osteopathy can support pregnant women. In addition, an osteopath can also play an important role in optimum fetal positioning. Recognizing difficult postnatal recovery is essential and osteopathy can make the difference.

Our therapists will assist you in addressing pregnancy-related complaints. Typical complaints include back pain and pelvic pain, tailbone pain, pain between the shoulder blades, belching, swollen feet or legs, intestinal pain, pain with intercourse, ligament pains, etc.

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Zomervakantie 2021

De zomervakantie komt er aan en dat betekent dat onze therapeuten even zullen genieten van welverdiende rust. De praktijk zal dus niet beschikbaar zijn en e-mail zal niet worden gelezen

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