The schedule for 2022 is now available tot en met september.

Colette's 2021 schedule is now fully booked.

Are you still looking for a spot in 2021? Then keep a daily eye on Doctena, the online calendar. New slots open up after cancellations by other patients.

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About the waiting list

  1. You can register on Doctena to get on the waiting list. Getting on the waiting list is only possible when you book a new appointment. When you schedule a new appointment, check the box at the bottom: Get on the waiting list for additional earlier appointments.
  2. As soon as you receive an email for an earlier appointment and you book it, your original appointment will expire. So rebook it immediately if you want to keep it for a future appointment.

First appointment at 05.00 h

  1. If you have an appointment at 05.00 h in the morning, please call +32 9 253 93 14 at 04.50 h. This way we will know that you are on your way

Insemination, IVF, ICSI

  1. Please make an appointment via email as soon as the date of ovulation/insemination is known.


  1. Female gynaecology problems are Colette's specialization. Kevin treats male complications (andrology) under the supervision of Colette.
  2. If you cancel your appointment within 36 hours before the appointment or if you do not show up, a cancellation fee of half the consultation fee will be charged. 
Portret Osteopaat Colette Peeters

Colette Peeters

Gynaecology problems, infertility, endometriosis, coccygodynia, postpartum recovery and more.

Portret osteopaat Kevin Coulier

Kevin Coulier

Teens, adults (m/f), andrology (complaints related to the male small pelvis, tailbone and chronic pelvic pain).

Portret osteopaat Jenny Van de Voorde

Jenny Van de Voorde

Babies, infants, children, pregnant women, adults.

Portret osteopaat Jolien De Pauw

Jolien De Pauw

Babies, infants, children, pregnant women, adults.

Sigrid Smans

Adults (f/m/x), chronic and/or neurological problems, pregnant women.

Find out how we treat complications through our osteopathic approach.


Endometriose blijft een mysterieuze aandoening waar heel wat vrouwen soms onbewust mee kampen. De symptomen zijn uiteenlopend en de diagnose verloopt moeizaam. Ook de behandeling is niet eenvoudig.

Osteopaat Colette Peeters is al bijna 30 jaar bezig met de studie en osteopathische behandeling van endometriose. Om patiënten, partners, familie en iedereen die meer wil weten over endometriose informatie en achtergrond te geven, heeft ze een uitvoerige pagina aan de aandoening gewijd.

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