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Osteopathie en transgender personen

Transgender personen en functionele klachten door verklevingen en littekenweefsel

A lot of transgender patients experience specific issues such as chronic pain after surgery. Colette is specialized in internal (vaginal and/or anal) osteopathic techniques to address these complications.

These innovative techniques can help a trans woman or transman, male to female (MTF), female to male (FTM) to treat 'functional complaints' and 'chronic pain' due to scar tissue, adhesions, briden.

Colette already treated her first transman patient back in 1997. After years of experience and knowhow, it is time to address these problems openly and to break the taboos.

The treatment is highly individualized and patient-oriented: a clear explanation and informed consent always precede the osteopathic examination and treatment.

Voor wie? Transgender personen met problemen na gedeeltelijke of volledige transitie.

Colette's specialization is treating the functional consequences of scar tissue, adhesions, briden after gender reassignment surgical treatments (plastic and reconstructive surgery).

Scar creation varies by individual, surgical technique, complications, and skin type.

The production of scar tissue and its breakdown is a complex physiological mechanism where a lot can go wrong resulting in permanent scar tissue, adhesions, and briden. This can cause peritoneum, small pelvic structures, abdominal structures (ligaments, fascia) and organs to stick together that should not be connected. This can manifest itself in functional complaints due to loss of movement and reduced blood flow/oxygenation/metabolism of organs and structures in the small pelvis and abdomen.

Functional complaints can manifest in a variety of ways:

  • chronic pelvic pain (CPPS). Read more
  • dyspareunia: pain during sexual intercourse (when penetrating vaginally, anally & or thrusting deeply)
  • vaginal pains
  • penoscrotal pain
  • abdominal pains
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • dyspnoea (difficult expulsion of stool)
  • anismus (anal cramps and knife stings)
  • coccygodynia (tailbone problems)

Functional complaints may result from:

  • Phalloplasty (radial forearm flap, leg flap): making the penis with or without a urethra
  • Urethra reconstruction (urethra tube)
  • Bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts)
  • Hysterectomy/ovarectomy: laparotomy-laparoscopy (removal of uterus and ovaries and possibly vagina)
  • After a temporary stoma
  • Perineostomy
  • Vaginoplasty (creation of the vagina)
  • After rectal perforation
  • After wound necrosis
  • After fistula surgery
  • Post haematoma (after bleeding)
  • Post abscess formation, after infections
  • Stenosis
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Fertility treatment
  • Voice surgery: this is obviously only treated with external osteopathic techniques and techniques in the mouth (cavé not in corona times)

Colette Peeters & multidisciplinary cooperation with

Mieke De Schryver

Specialized physiotherapist - clinical sexologist VVS I.O.
Owner El rayo

Patrijsstraat 11
9000 Gent




Transgender Infopunt 
open tue-fri from 9 am - 4 pm 
0800 96 316
[email protected]


  • Transgenderzorg, T’sjoen/Van Trotsenburg/Gijs (ACCO)
  • Gender in de blender, Hoebeke (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts)
  • Het transgenderboek, T’sjoen/Motmans/Degryse (Angèle)
  • The Transgender Handbook, Bouwman/Arcelus (NOVA)

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